A true milestone today: with news out of #Hawaii, @BeyondCoal has officially helped retire 60% of the nation’s coal-fired power plants, doubling the original goal to retire one-third of the U.S. coal fleet by 2020 & speed the United States’ transition to #cleanenergy.

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Over the past decade, #BeyondCoal efforts have had a wide impact on #PublicHealth, saving an estimated 7.6K lives and preventing nearly 12K heart attacks and 125K asthma attacks -- resulting in an annual savings of $3.6 billion in health care costs.
The particular plant retirement marking this milestone -- AES #Hawaii -- is itself a great story. It’s the last remaining coal-fired power plant in the state & the largest single source of toxic pollutants on the island of O'ahu. Rep. Nicole Lowen ( @Nlowen) fought hard for this.
"We know that what we do in Hawaii helps to show other states what's possible, and we firmly believe that a future without coal is not only possible but inevitable.” -- Rep. @Nlowen
“Coal is now both the dirtiest and the most expensive fossil fuel and there is no level on which continuing to use it makes sense. We're proud in Hawaii to be the first to take this step, and to continue leading the way toward a truly clean energy economy." -- Rep. @Nlowen
This also accelerates Hawaii’s transition to clean energy: Hawaiian Electric has selected 16 solar energy and storage projects to move forward to 100% clean energy by 2045. #ReadyFor100
“The legislation puts Hawaii’s commitment to move beyond coal into law. In 2018, Hawaii joined the Powering Past Coal Alliance to move Hawaii beyond coal,” said Scott Glenn, Chief Energy Officer, Hawaii State Energy Office.
“Not only will Hawaii cease to use an entire class of fossil fuels, we will also reduce the mercury emissions in one of our most vulnerable communities,” Glenn said.

And moves like this will protect vulnerable communities elsewhere, too.
The retirement of coal-fired power will directly benefit efforts to combat environmental racism and injustice. In America, 68% of Black people live within 30 miles of a coal-fired power plant -- creating disproportionate rates of disease.
Shuttering coal plants and moving to a clean energy economy can only help solve the myriad challenges we face as a society -- from racial injustice to public health. In order to achieve a truly just society, we must move #BeyondCoal.
Beyond Coal -- with more than $164 million in support from @BloombergDotOrg -- has worked toward this moment for a decade, retiring coal plants and replacing them with clean energy like wind, solar, and geothermal.
This watershed moment is showing what the future of America could be -- a country that prioritizes public health, advances racial justice, and moves the world forward towards a climate-safe, 100% clean energy economy.
Congratulations, Hawaii. Congratulations, everyone. Let’s keep moving #BeyondCoal.
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