Saw a tweet from someone & I said something to myself. Next thing the Holy Spirit was cautioning me saying, “stop judging, you were once like them”. It made me think.

Dear believers, I hope in our trying to seek Christ, we’re not pushing people we’re meant to be pulling away? 1
I understand that when you’re trying to grow in God, certain people cannot come along with you because you’re trying to find firm footing in Christ.

But I hope you’re not chasing them away from the reality of God’s love and mercy by your being judgemental?
It’s okay to stay away from company that distracts you from Christ. But do not forget to pray for them, love them, and when you can (solely based on the directives of the Holy Spirit), reach out to them. Preach God’s word to them.

Don’t forget they’re people too, have empathy.
You can be sold out for Christ, while being relatable. Don’t act like you became perfectly righteous overnight. You need to help them understand that you were once like them, struggled with faith like they’re currently doing ,and as matter of fact, you’re still a work in progress
I say this because many times I tried to walk with Christ in the past I kept failing because it felt like I was too much of a backward Christian. Until I found my fellowship this year and they are SO relatable. I see them talk about issues nobody talks about.
I see them relate to struggles I have or used to have. And it reminds me that if God could perfect His work on these people, He’ll do the same for me too. People must be able to draw inspiration from your faith walk/journey, not be discouraged by it.

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