Been mining @SwerveFinance the hour it opened, also LPing at the same time on @UniswapProtocol too.

@harvest_finance gotta do what it's gotta do... I'm gonna do what I'm gonna do.

Exercising free options + charging for volatility both directions.

$ETH #Ethereum $WRV https://twitter.com/Blockchain_C/status/1305738134798372864
Most farms that yields quad-digit APY requires taking on the risk of the asset.

I mitigated this by mining the asset for zero cost-basis, nevermind risk, then sending it to uniswap, therefore my cost-basis is only the ETH-side of the equation.

600% APR ain't bad.
The volatility buffer indicates that my $SWRV pool on uni can withstand a 3x SWRV movement b4 breaking even vs HODL.

If that approaches, I'd pull liquidity and HODL whatever ratio the market gives me in ETH and SWRV.

Always take profit in $ETH.
"...therefore my cost-basis is only the ETH-side of the equation."

Needs correction: The mined $SWRV is considered 0 cost-basis, the bought $SWRV cost-basis is calculated in $ETH... otherwise my profit vs HODL would be a lot higher!
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