At Concordia the Women's/Gender Studies program has 8 faculty members, out of 1089 full-time faculty and librarians and 1330 part-time faculty. There's no postcolonial program; 5 courses across the university focus on it.

The culture-war image of academia is QAnon-level fantasy.
And its purveyors, a few of whom come from Concordia and similar universities, know this perfectly well.
All it actually takes to see what universities are teaching (if you can't be bothered to visit one) is to download a course calendar or look at department web pages.

This isn't genuine concern. It's cynical propaganda aimed at an audience that mostly already wants to believe it.
Universities are fundamentally conservative institutions.

That's not to deny that faculty in arts lean left. It's to point out that just as the leanings of faculty demonstrably don't shape the views of students, so they don't reflect the nature of institutions that employ them.
And the purveyors of culture-war discourse know this, too, which is why they happily call on those employers to fire left-leaning faculty when they think they might do so.
The reason people are angry at police brutality or neo-Nazi marches or Confederate statues isn't postcolonial studies. It's that some people have a problem with open murder and with the celebration of genocide and slavery.

That doesn't require "theory", it just requires thought.
I suppose the great gift of the Sokal Cubed clowns is that their collective arc begins with mediocre academic work, passes through QAnon-style fantasies about academia, and ends in having actual QAnon types as their fanbase.
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