Cases up 15% there: According to the Flemish Care and Health Agency, analysis of contacts and sources of contamination shows that there is a direct link between these rising figures and the start of the school year and the restarting of businesses after the summer holidays.
I am not going to include all of the stories of #kidsandcovid at this point because every night it's always more. The point is made, but consider the ones added as !!! to the point.

East Helena school Montana

“It’s going great. We have half the kids on Mon/Tues and the other half Thurs and Fri.

Right now our positivity in Wentzville is 12.5% which is a little higher. We would like to see that below 5%. Don’t know if we will get there any time soon but something we watch."
Leaving the states again - not far - Windsor, Ontario little one.

They had 20 kids in one classroom? 😬

The Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board has confirmed 1 student at Stella Maris Catholic Elementary School in Amherstburg has the virus.
Florida - is anyone studying this I hope?

In Florida, 54,406 children have tested + for the virus since March. >11,600 of those are new cases in the past month. 8 children passed away.

How is 10% the goal?
The state positivity rate was 4.22%, still well below the advised 10%.
Okay last #kidsandcovid tweet - and I hate it. New report from the MMWR.
Attleboro mayor rebukes family who sent coronavirus-positive child to school, causing 30 to quarantine

Rebukes! What did the Burgermeister Meisterburger say? Yeesh.

#kidsandcovid Massachusetts
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I had some Texas tweets on #kidsandcovid last night and here is another interesting (aka bad) Texas twist:
NYC public schools delay
Long haul COVID in kids?

From @long_covid
Mmmhmmm please do go on.

"Covid-19 lockdowns may have saved kids’ lives"
Fairport, NY where a teacher has tested positive as well.

The student is asymptomatic and attended school this week according to the district.


The district says the MCDOH has completed the contract tracing process.
"The student was reported to have worn a mask all day, aside from lunch, and did not take a school bus, the district said, adding the student was asymptomatic."

I'm wondering how they're catching these asymptomatic cases.
More than 4,500 students and staff in Texas schools have tested positive for COVID-19 since the start of this school year.

According to the article that's .02%

BUT - 48% increase in cases for both students and teachers last week.

I'm done.

And please remember if you are looking for more of these, check out another #kidsandcovid thread here:
Very, very sad. Wisconsin teacher passed away from COVID.

As of Thursday, Bay Port was reporting 9 positive cases of COVID-19, 8 involving students. 8 staff/31 students were under quarantine.
I just want to add, when school staff or kids pass away, especially when school is in, it's a big deal. (@ it is in & should be in worksites, families, etc.) In schools there's usually gatherings, that shouldn't happen now, memorial services, and it's so very extra sad for all.
Schools, ventilation and #kidsandcovid
Important: thread within a thread ref other threads. Parents, ppl who work in schools/colleges, this is what you need to know & talk to your BOE about. Tell friends. Make sure they know why - the goal is not to get COVID bc you also give it, you don't know what it will do in you.
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