jimin the comfort fairy; a thread
let’s start with these words. the words i listen to every day. the ones that remind me how much i’m loved and supported and understood. the ones that have healed all of us.
remember when yoongi got emotional seeing his parents and jimin was right there comforting him?
in fact, the members can always count on him to be there for comfort when they’re emotional 🥺
he RAN to jungkook 😭
this moment says it all
my favorite photo sequence
and you can always count on him for the best hugs
remember how in malta, tae got emotional and the staff went straight to jimin? they knew he would be the best and perfect person to comfort tae in that moment
he’s always there. he’s always hyperaware of the situations and emotions around him and he is always keeping an eye out for everyone else
when anyone falls or gets hurt too, you can see his expression and eyes completely change. he forgets he’s on stage and all he can focus on is making sure everyone is okay
he literally used to check the stage himself, looking for rusty chairs and anything that might hurt the members
remember when he was having a drink and was worried about us being scared of the thunder and rain? 🥺
he always reaches out to us. i was at this show and it was like he was saying “you, specifically, need to be careful. you’re precious cargo and you can’t get sick” 😭 https://twitter.com/bts_twt/status/1127321741632659457
he literally can’t help himself
the messages and gifts he left for the ILAND members. he’s not the type to avoid reality but he will never give up on you and will always believe that you will make it. and he just wants them to sleep 🥺
and his emotional and beautiful post after BangBangCon reminded me of how emotionally mature and amazing he is
he is always always always worried about us being healthy and taking care of ourselves because he wants us to be okay https://twitter.com/stussyjimin/status/1231825839316033536
“just be happy” 🥺
he literally wrote us Promise as a way to remind us that even when we feel like giving up and running away, we can always hold onto him and his promise
just remind yourself every once in awhile that Jimin is the type to not even think about his own happiness until yours is secured. he’s so selfless, angelic, and amazing. i’m so proud. i love him so much.
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