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Are you ready for this book release thread, folks? It's gonna be AWESOME and you're gonna find NEW BOOKS TO BUY or REQUEST FROM THE LIBRARY because those are both great ways to support the incredible authors below!
LEGENDBORN by @tracydeonn, a YA fantasy about Bree, who witnesses a demon attack on her 1st night at UNC-Chapel Hill and discovers a secret society stretching back to the Knights of the Round Table that just might be connected to her mother's recent death https://bookshop.org/books/legendborn/9781534441606
SURRENDER YOUR SONS by @TheAdamSass, a YA thriller about Connor, whose mother sends him to a conversion therapy camp on a secluded island. Connor plans to escape and bring the other teens with him--and he's gonna take the whole place down before he goes https://bookshop.org/books/surrender-your-sons/9781635830613
EVEN IF WE BREAK by @mariekeyn, a queer YA thriller about five friends who go to a cabin to play the murder mystery game that brought them together 3 years ago -- one last hurrah before they part ways -- but then the game is turned against them https://bookshop.org/books/even-if-we-break/9781492636113
EACH OF US A DESERT by @MarkDoesStuff, a YA fantasy about Xochitl, destined to walk alone, carrying her village's stories, and Xo, daughter of a murderous conqueror, who set out on a magical journey across the desert and find their hearts could be a match https://bookshop.org/books/each-of-us-a-desert/9781250169211
GROWN by @WriteinBK, a YA mystery about Enchanted Jones, who's spotted by a legendary R&B artist and swept up into his charm, star power and promises. But he and his life of glamour have a dark side, and when he winds up dead, all eyes turn to Enchanted https://bookshop.org/books/grown-9781432883461/9780062840356
NEVER LOOK BACK by @lilliamr, a YA magical realism about Eury, grieving after losing everything to Hurricane Maria and haunted by an evil spirit named Ato, and Pheus, a golden-voiced charmer who wants to fight off Eury's demons and make her smile again https://bookshop.org/books/never-look-back-9781547603732/9781547603732
FURIA by @YamileSMendez, a YA contemp set in Argentina about Camila, a rising soccer star known as La Furia whose family doesn't know she plays and who must put everything on the line--even a second chance with the boy she once loved--to follow her dreams https://bookshop.org/books/furia/9781616209919
HIDE AND SEEKER by @dakadh, a MG horror about Justin, whose best friend Zee went missing for a year and came back...different, but everything goes really wrong when they play a game of Hide and Seek and get pulled into a realm of nightmares https://bookshop.org/books/hide-and-seeker/9781338583625
Okay! That's my list! FYI I didn't get into the adult SF/F releases -- I will later if at all possible! -- but there are some good ones out today to check out!

Happy HAPPY release day to all of the authors celebrating today!
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