Resisters, I have a couple of messages for you:
1. If you feel justified in swearing at or using profane insults towards Magats, please take a moment to pause and reconsider. To remain unified as we approach the most important election in our history, we need to be resisting,
not spending time in Twitmo, or worse, being permanently suspended. The short sense of satisfaction you get from typing profanity or insults, is nothing compared to the glee felt by Magats who spot your tweet and immediately report it to Twitter as harassment. Every day we lose
more of you, so please for the sake of our overall cause, "think it, but don't type it".
2. When you discover a Resister who is following a Magat, please don't assume the worst. Many great Resisters are being duped by Flipper accounts and that fits the Magat strategy of turning
us against one another. Notify the Resister discreetly (to avoid embarrassing them) and let them know that their acct has been infiltrated. We've all seen Resister accts that exhibit a total lack of vetting, and are infested with Magats & Bots. Sadly, only one cure for that.
You can follow @BResisting.
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