Colourism is so weird. The other day I spoke to someone who just had a baby, healthy baby at that and she asked me if I think they baby will get dark? Puzzled, I replied “I don’t know” because my degree didn’t equip me to predict skin tone changes
So then I asked her why? Like she is not worried about anything else, that’s her concern at this moment? So she says “yes her father is dark and I want to stay cute” now here I am chocolate as hell, beautiful too standing in front of this fair skinned woman who chose a dark man
And I am being asked if half of this child’s genes will become prominent at some point and sabotage her beauty. No not how she will get Unwell etc, no. If she will get dark.

So I want to ask? If you want your children to be fair skinned why not date fair skinned men?
And why do a lot of you believe dark skinned children are ugly? And why would you have this conversation with a dark skinned woman.
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