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Abu ki army
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~ A Thread Of My Love~
Especially mentioning #SidHearts here. Though my POV is completely opposite from them but many of them are very positive and loving , bhot cute Hain. muchkin lil babies cutie ~ Cutie se Hain mere wo , especially SidHeart boys.
SidNaazians MUAAHHH MUAAH MUAAAHHH , all of them are full of love n sab hi Meri tarha chottu se cutiess bubble Hain. Sid n Sana se emotionally attached babies mere Favorite Hain , they spread so much love and happiness and Meri jaan Hain mere cuteness ki dukaan.
#Shehnaazians Meri jaanu Meri strength mere besties , Kya hi boloon inke baare mein itna kuch Hai. Jab sab chale jate Hain tab mere paas yahi aate Hain. You are like lil bubble which I would never like to burst , never ever. ♥️💙💙
Kenians , Abu ki army , viral bhayani , dardhanians inki toh baat hi alag hai. Yeh toh iss Stan Twitter mein Jaan daalte Hain. Super entertaining aue smart Hain aur ye bhi apne aap mein best Hain.
@sidharth_shukla you are my mumma ke Favorite. Haste huye cutieee lagte ho. Keep on smiling and jab aapke cheeks ke dono end upar ho jate Hain na aapki smile se. Tab mera aapko kissi dene ka Mann karta h positive wali. MUAAHHHAHHHAHAHH. I complain abt you coz u matter to me 💙♥️
@ishehnaaz_gill baby baby baby !!! Cutie , sexy , entertaining Barbie doll jaisi pyaari pyaari Meri sherni muhh toh de gande bachon ka. Aur ache bachon ko Pyaar Kare . You are my favorite , you come in my dreams hugging me n I'm so attached with you. I love you enna saara. ♥️💙
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