#SupremeCourt is hearing a petition against @SudarshanNewsTV show on entry of #Muslims in civil services. The show has already been aired after channel assured Min of Info & Broadcasting that it doesnt violate any law.

But SC is clearly irked at the very foundation of the show.
Justices DY Chandrachud and KM Joseph have termed such a show as "insidious" & "rabid" since it tends to target one particular community sitting for UPSC exams.

"Can this be tolerated?" judges ask SG Tushar Mehta.
"Your client is doing a disservice to the nation and is not accepting that India is a melting point of diverse culture. Your client needs to exercise his freedom with caution," SC tells sr adv Shyam Divan, who appears for #SudarshanNews & sought time to file a formal reply.
SG Tushar Mehta, on his part, has pointed out that freedom of journalists is supreme & it would be fraught with dangers, disastrous for a democracy to control press.

Mehta also talks about web portals as a new form of media which is also completely unregulated.
SC asserts there has to be some kind of self-regulation, checks for media & that journalists must also be governed by some principles. Judges agree that State can't regulate media but emphasises on the need to have certain principles to guide them.

Bench takes a 45 min break
Hearing had resumed.

Adv Shadan Farasat submits that the show is a nine-part series & since it is continuing, some interim order may be required.

Bench says it will hear everyone till 4 today.
News Broadcasters' Assocn appears through its lawyer.

Justice Chandrachud asks the lawyer if NBA exists apart from its letterhead.

"What do you do when a parallel investigation is run by the media, tarnishing everyone's reputation?"
SG Tushar Mehta points out #Youtube etc as new forms of media where regulations may not be possible.

Judges repeat that just because they can't control everything, it can't that they won't control anything at all.
SG Mehta also points out to TV programmes on "Hindu terror" that went unchecked.

He adds a show of a website alarmed people about scarcity of food & food riot etc which was also a cause of migration. "How is this less serious than a threat to communal harmony."
As Justice KM Joseph says problem with electronic media is about their race for the TRPs, in which they damage reputation of people.

SG replies then it also needs to be seen if potential accused should be given a platform to raise their defence.
Adv Farasat is now advancing his arguments on how the #SudarshanNews show is a manifest if hate speech where #Muslims have been said to be a terror & unworthy of civil services. He adds this isn't at a pre-broadcast censorship stage any longer since 4 parts have been telecast.
On being asked, #SudarshanNews counsel Shyam Divan has declined to stop next episodes till SC decides.

Divan says if the court wants to go through what's being aired, it must watch the whole thing & not just snippets from here & there, without any perspective.
Divan adds #SudarshanNews perceives this to be an investigative story.

"There is an enormous amount of fundings from abroad which is proving to be not friendly to India. They believe it is their duty to inform citizens about it."
"As the #SupremeCourt of this nation, we can't allow you to say #Muslimsnare infiltrating civil services..we can't tolerate this. Noone can say journalists have absolute freedom to say anything," observes Chandrachud J, saying more episodes shouldn't telecast till case is heard.
Divan opposes the proposed interim stay order, saying this will be a restraint on free speech & free press. He reiterates the show highlights foreign funding.

"Besides, there is a statutory authority to decide. This court can't substitute that authority."
Bench starts dictating order: "It appears to the court that object of the programme is to vilify Muslim community and make it responsible fir an insidious attempt to infiltrate civil services."
"Edifice of a stable democratic society is based on coexistence of communities. Any attempt to vilify a community must be viewed with disfavour."
"Pending further orders, #SudarshanNews stands injuncted from any more broadcast on this subject, by any other name too," directs SC.
SC adds it is inclined to have a committee of 5 distinguished citizens who can suggest certain standards for electronic media. "We don't want this to be politically divisive. We just need members who are of commendable stature."
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