In "Ideal Illusions" James Peck writes how foreign policy obj r achieved via INGOS.

US&Indian convergence on policy to undermine #CPEC has allowed room for an unannounced #HybridWar against Pakistan.

Let’s take a look at SAATH FORUM & see how #IndiaWagingHybridWar


In order for us to truly understand the SAATH FORUM, the reasons for its formation in the US, the mysterious sources of it’s funding & the background of its members from Pakistan, we need to understand how US policy is formulated in the first place.


US being a democratic dispensation is not a monolith org, rather it’s an amalgam of many orgs!think tanks lobbyists & politicians all trying to influence policy at the same time.

Hussain Haqqani is one Pakistani who knew this better than everyone else.


As part of this policy making process ThinkTanks not only conduct research & formulate policies for US govt, but also serve as tools of influence for US foreign policy across the world

Hence, a revolving door for govt officials exists at most of them.

Few US Think Tanks among more than 50 others:

1-National Endowment for Democracy
2-Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
3-The Hudson Institute
4-CATO Institute
5-Heritage Foundation
6-RAND Corporation
7-Brookings Institution
8-Council on Foreign Affairs
9-Chatham House

“When the CIA came under fire for covertly funding opposition parties & activists in countries that seemed tilting toward Soviets.. the agency drew flak.. After years of debate as to whether & how funding should continue, Congress created NED in 1983.”

“Revolts.. sweeping the region, including.. Egypt, received training & financing from groups like the International Republican Institute (NED), National Democratic Institute (NED) & Freedom House, nonprofit human rights orgs based in Washington”

University of Pennsylvania's
"2019 Global Go To Think Tanks Report", ranked Carnegie as the top think tank in the world.

In 2015 Carnegie was ranked 3rd most influential think tank in the world, after Brookings Institution & Chatham House.

Being one of the most influential think tanks in the US, Carnegie Endowment’s links with the US govt policy making & intelligence networks are deeper than others.

The fact that its current President is former deputy secretary of state William J Burns, solidifies this view.

With frequent interactions between intel officials & US Think Tanks such as the NED, Carnegie Endowment or the Hudson Institute, lines are increasingly being blurred between US policy objectives being achieved by intel networks & think tanks networks.

Here it gets interesting, not only is Carnegie Endowment linked to special interest lobbying networks in USA but also in India.

Sunil Mittal Founder & Chr. of Bharti Enterprises
Ratan Tata Chr. of Tata Trusts
are both Indian billionaire board trustees of the think tank.

In 2016, Carnegie Endowment even opened an office in New Delhi India & established the ‘Tata Chair for Strategic Affairs’ understandably with ‘donations’ by the Indian billionaire Ratan Tata.

Ashley J Tellis was appointed as the senior fellow with focus on the Subcontinent.

Guardian broke a story in 2015 that described how secretive donors gave millions of dollars in donations to various US based Think Tanks as a way to gain influence in the US policy making process.

Hudson Institute one of them.


James Peck describes US Govt modus operandi of using civil society activism in order to achieve US foreign policy objectives in:

“Ideal Illusions: How the US Govt Co-opted Human Rights"

On how “priority targets” are used to ‘guide & navigate’ them toward American way”.

If you still don’t believe it, then plz read US ThinkTank CATO Institute’s report
“Through NED US taxpayer has paid for special-interest groups to harass duly elected govts of friendly countries, interfere in foreign elections & foster corruption.”

Now, let’s get to a 2009 sensational event at Carnegie Endowment for Intl Peace when a notorious #India based SA scholar Selig Harrison was invited to speak

He’s responsible for many anti Pakistan myths propagated by India on 1971 war, Pashtunistan Sindhudesh & Balochistan.

He’s known for labeling Pakistan as an “artificial political entity” & his speech was titled
“Will Pakistan Break Up?”

He called on “US to support Pashtun & Baloch (ethnic) political aspirations & to focus on countering islamist threat from Punjab.”

In 2014, National Endowment for Democracy began a program offering funds for local individuals/groups who could “mobilize civil society & local communities” in an advocacy campaigns in FATA.

Target of this “mobilization” were NGOs, journalists, lawyers, women & minorities.”

US & India signed a
“10 year Defence Framework Agreement” in 2015 it aligned strategic interests of both states in the world on a larger scale & regionally.

It became imperative for both to synchronize their defense & foreign policies accordingly.


Then in 2017 SAATH FORUM was established in the US.

When we look at SAATH, there’s no available material on the purpose, mission or objectives of the org.

Only facts we know about this shady outfit is from its label:
“South Asians Against Terrorism & for Human Rights.”

But SAATH Forum members have never been seen condemning terrorism in Pakistan by groups such as
Jamatul Ahrar
Hizbul Ahrar
Baloch Liberation Army
Sindhudesh Republican Army

Why is that?

For that we have to look at the founder of SAATH FORUM.

SAATH FORUM’s founder is Hussain Haqqani.

-Visiting scholar at Carnegie Endowment for Intl Peace 2002-2006.

-Senior Fellow & Co-Chair/Director at Hudson Institute 2004-present.

-Guest speaker at other US Think Tanks such as Chatham House, etc.

But how did he get there?

Hussain Haqqani grew up in a right wing life of thuggish student politics, being elected president of Islami Jamiat Tulaba Islam at Karachi University in 1970s.

Then he joined PTV as Urdu presenter under Gen Zia Ulhaq’s military govt & eulogized passionately at his funeral:

Sheikh Raheed Ahmed best described Hussain Haqqani’s rise in Pakistan’s political circles in this interview of his:


Hussain Haqqani real rise to fame occurred at being exposed as author of a sinister memo to US Ch Joint Chiefs Adm Mike Mullen, as Pak Amb to US, asking him to exert pressure on Pak military in return for “elimination” of Directorate S of ISI engaged in covert operations.

He cleverly tried to use a Pakistani American as go-between to be able to deny his mischievous plan, just in case it got exposed.

However, it’s his own contact who exposed him as mastermind of the entire effort to undermine Pakistani intel services.

He was recalled from Washington DC as the Pakistani ambassador to US & forced to resign.

The Supreme Court began proceedings against him to undermining the interests of Pakistan but he left for the US with assurances to return, but never did return.

After being exposed for working against interests of Pakistan in 2011, Hussain Haqqani joined the Hudson Institute in 2012 & began preparing policy & research papers suggesting a tougher US policy towards Pakistan in order to achieve US objectives.

He began developing deeper relations with anti Pakistan establishment in India & began appearing on Indian media outlets such as WION known 4 spewing anti Pakistan propaganda.

His target is always Pak military & his opinions are to hurt Pak interests.


Simultaneously he began developing relations with Kabul govt’s most anti Pakistan elements, as a clever way to increase his influence in anti Pakistan policy making back in Washington DC.

It was in this context he invited Afghan NSA Hamdullah Mohib to the Hudson Institute.

In line with the Indian position as well as the interests of the Kabul govt Hussain Haqqani has even been actively lobbying against any peaceful negotiations to bring an end to Afghan War as a result of US AfgTaliban Peace talks & a withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan.

As much as he likes to play intellectual in US ThinkTank circles, real expression of his feelings comes out while speaking in Urdu with low level Indian propagandists doing RAW’s dirty work in the west as Anis Farooqi of Rawal TV

#IndiaWagingHybridWar using Hussain Haqqani.

His hatred for Pakistan has been on display with active lobbying efforts of his against Pakistani interests, going as far as to recommend US congressional leaders in 2015 to re-evaluate $1bil in CSF payments US owed Pakistan, for helping the US war effort in Afghanistan.

In all his lobbying efforts, his singular focus reflects Indian positions; to convince US legislators that US military assistance to Pakistan would result in Pakistan exerting military pressure on India, & best way to further US-India ties is to downgrade ties with Pakistan.

Following these lobbying efforts by HHaqqani whose opinions were given added weight, him having served as Pak Amb to US, American admin downgraded defence ties with Pakistan in 2016 by disallowing CSF payments to be used for F16 jets PAF had ordered.

HHaqqani’s traitorous switch became so obvious that even Indian lobby’s darling US Sen Larry Pressler (re. Pressler sanctions on Pakistan) couldn’t help acknowledging his “changing sides” & becoming a lobbyist 4 Indian interests in US while speaking at the Hudson Institute.

After having established his credentials in lobbying circles of the US, India & Afghanistan,
Hussain Haqqani founded the SAATH FORUM with an inaugural event in 2016.

Strangely enough, 2nd event of SAATH Forum was held in London in cooperation with EFSAS.

Now what’s EFSAS?

EFSAS is an #Indian propaganda outfit based in Netherlands that masquerades as “Nonprofit Foundation”

It’s one of 100s of front orgs setup by RAW around the world 4 anti-Pakistan propaganda by infiltrating western lobbying circles.

Let me explain:

Do you remember a major investigative story by EU’s Disinfo Lab that uncovered a worldwide network of 265 fake outlets in 65 countries serving Indian lobbying interests?

Well, these fake Indian outlets are (funding) partners of EFSAS, such as SADF.

These propaganda orgs as SADF & EFSAS act as an eco-system of fake media outlets & fake think tanks to produce thematically similar intl prop against Pakistan re human rights, minorities, terrorism, PTM, Balochistan & CPEC.


Here’s 41pg investigative report by EU Disinfo Lab exposing Indian propaganda machine consisting of 265 orgs across the world, spreading fake news & anti Pakistan propaganda.

It’s how #IndiaWagingHybridWar against Pakistani interests.

Full report:

Guess who’s the Director of EFSAS?

Junaid Qureshi,
son of infamous RAW agent Hashim Qureshi & hijacker of Ganga Hijack Drama 1971

Indians used him to hijack a decommissioned Fokker & used it to ban overflights b/w East & West Pakistan before war

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