Some of my gullible friends loved the Amazon series #PataalLok. It was completely a propaganda series IMO. I'm starting this thread to put out some of my observations. I am frankly appaled by Hindus liking it. 1/15 #AntiHindu
The muslim officer is the smartest and cleanest cop, but still faces day to day discrimination; and suggestions that he will be selected into UPSC because of his religion, not because of merit.

A Hindu lady pukes in the train, on seeing someone eat Non veg food. The magnanimous Muslim dude offers her water, but this lady refuses to drink it.

The very kind Muslim dude is then lynched by a Hindu Mob for allegedly consuming beef.

A Brahmin politician poses to eat/socialize with Dalits, but carries Gangajal with him to purify thereafter.

A Pujari eats non-veg within the temple premises.

Brahmins are shown to be shrewd, compared to a twisting sweet dish, called Jalebi.


Innocent chaps, who are victims really, are falsely framed as terrorists by CBI and falsely accused of Pak connection.

And of course they stayed in Batla house. Does that ring a bell?
Kabir guy carries a certificate of circumsition to prove that it is a result of a medical procedure, not because he is a Muslim.
Muslims in India are totally dare-hue, as amply proved during the #bangaloreriots

I loved the book DaVinci Code. It was anti-Christian for sure, but that was its pain plot point.

#PataalLok is propaganda because these incidents serve no plot point. The story (of a purported crime thriller) would remain unaffected if these incidents had been absent.

Coming to the popular Brahmin Bashing in India :
Brahmins are the community with the highest education, and lowest criminality. They hold most of the top jobs today.
They have been central to nation building, and a lot of India's glorious past can be attributed to them.
All Muslim invaders systematically targeted the Brahmins. They knew that this is the community which holds a fragmented society together as guardians of the Hindu culture.

And even today, the propagandists know well to target Brahmins. Today, the community stands vilified.
To be honest, I have no problem with @AnushkaSharma for producing this series. She had FOE in Hindu majority to put out what ever crap she can conjure up.

My problem is with the Hindus who lapped it up like Hot - Cakes.

Hinduism is the biggest and oldest surviving polytheistic religion, hence constantly under attack from Abrahamic religions.

The community needs to wake up and smell the coffee.

This has been a 1000+ year civilizational struggle. The baton is now with us.
Tweets 12 to 15 are not needed, due to brevity.

Thank you for reading through.
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