The CDC is a collection of people. That is all.
Why did it take the CDC 3 months to start separating out deaths from Covid from deaths from flu & pneumonia?
How is it objective and authoritative to inflate the death numbers?
Is it important to the CDC that the known widely effective drug hydrochloroquine was restricted by various means, including pharmacy boards and social pressure against it - no doubt pushing up the death count?
What month and year did the "resistance account" Alternative CDC open up on Twitter? January 2017?
How about "Alternative HHS," comprised of "angry/concerned scientists"? Also when @POTUS was inaugurated?
2/9/2017 on Twitter I attacked the "alt" Federal accounts for being seditious. Look at these wild responses. "He is an enemy of the state," they said.
Here's more.
I don't have the original Tweet. I wiped my Twitter account at some point when I first started writing about Pizzagate.
In fact, the CDC goes fully against science by embracing "critical race theory" -- which defines reality as a social construct.
"A White House science policy issued December 17, 2010, allows agencies to require press office permission before a journalist can talk to a scientist and to require Saddam-style 'minders' to supervise the scientist while s/he is giving an interview."
I do recall Obama appointees at multiple agencies reviewing work products before they went out to the public, at USAID and NIST.
I remember one time that this caused a clash between an appointee and a civil servant. This is not an unusual phenomenon, either; each side always thinks it knows best.
Further, initiatives/accords/agreements make great slush funds

Right, Joe?
In the end, the CDC cannot have it both ways.

They can't say on the one hand that science is independent, and on the other that it is basically a social production, like every other element of reality.

A VERY strange position for scientists to take.
What does the CDC say about God?
An unborn child is not a "fetus."

It is life.
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