Namaste Sarada Devi Kashmira Mandala Vasini.

Sarada Temple is one of the oldest temple of Kashmir & an ancient centre of learning.
Located in the isolated village of Sharada in Neelam Valley in the POK It was built on the right bank of MADHUMATI river,
now known as Neelam river.Its water originate from Saraswati lake located on the top of Narada peak.

The temple is dedicate to Devi Sarada, the Godess of learning.
Sharada Peeth is one of the 18 Maha Shakti Peeth & said to be where the right hand of sati was fallen.
It is believed that it was built during the rule of Kushan Dynasty. However due to close resemblance with Martand Sun Temple some scholar believe that it was built by Raja Lalitaditya.
In ancient time the religious centre were not only the worship place but a centre of learning.
Sarada Peetha,was famous centre of learning vedas & Scholar from nighbouring country were travelling to Sharada for spiritual gratigication. The temple was visited by Adi Sankaracharya and Ramanujacharya indicates its significance in both Shaiva & Vaisnhava worship.
The pratima of Devi sarada was originally a wooden pratima which was replace by a stone statue .The interior of the temple houses a large slab which covers the spring where the Devi Sarada Appeared to Rishi Sandilya.
For the Kashmiri Pandits ,it is an important place of pilgrimage which was frequented by them till independence.
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