A general reminder: let's be mindful of how we talk about minors in fandom.

I know a lot of (louder) fantis tend to be minors, but remember that not all of them are. It's difficult, I'm guilty of it too, but please let's try harder to NOT generalize all minors as being fantis.
Minors contribute to fandom too, whether it's being a content creator or liking/rting stuff or just making silly tweets, they still participate in fandom. So let's just be careful about how we talk about minors in general. We don't want them to feel unwelcome in fandom.
We get annoyed when we see "lol why are 25 year old hags watching anime still?" tweets or whatever, and I know it's kind of a knee-jerk reaction to slap back, but let's be careful to not generalize minors as annoying or dumb or what-have-you.
This is not about anything specific, I just see it happen a lot (like I said, I'm guilty of it too).

And I know most people aren't purposely doing it. Twitter character limit doesn't really allow us to specify "minors who are fanpol" every time we talk about a situation.
But still please remember to separate "minors who are fanpol and harassing others over fanart" from "minors who express discomfort with a ship but otherwise aren't bothering anyone and maybe just didn't word their tweet that well."
And again, I'm guilty of it too, I've jumped the gun a few times. But we gotta remember that "disliking a ship" or even "expressing discomfort with/disgust of a ship" isn't exactly fanpol behavior. People can dislike things, so long as they're not harassing people who like it.
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