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Why have I not sold shares, even after the run?
I believe there is SO much more in this. I invested initially because I saw the potential. I am not selling just as the story starts to unfold.
My conviction for this stock is extremely bullish.
Nova Minerals went out to test the concept and in the process defined a 2.5moz gold resource, open in all directions. This exceeded all expectations and that was just at 100m depth.
The 2020 drilling program: Over 20,000m of diamond drilling and this time they’re drilling down 500m. By the end of the year they will be expanding some of their results to the M&I category and increasing the inferred resource.
The target for this year is in the 5-7moz range at Korbel. Just Korbel could be 10moz deposit in the future.
In addition, that’s one prospect in the 220 http://sq.km  land area.
Estelle has 15 known prospects, and some of these other prospects have historical drilling.
Nova Minerals are unlocking a district, and will be developing a pipeline of projects to feed into the Korbel starter pit with a likely 20-30 year mine life.
CAPEX and operation expenditure will be low.
Our low grade peers have a $600-800 AISC.
Example: Fort Knox is mining 0.3g/t at $800/oz. Pogo grade is 9g/t but the cost is $1200-1300/oz. Consider the whole package. Low grade / Heap leaching is ECONOMIC.
Nova Minerals also have an exceptional 76% recovery, which will only be improved. Peers recovery is 55-60% range. Each 2-3% has a huge impact on profitability.
The Alaskan Government is fully supportive of Nova. Alaska is a resource based economy and Nova will help support this.
There is a Block B JORC upgrade resource due any day. This will show the potential of Block B, which will act as the starter pit. Nova want Korbel to be the fastrack to production around 2023 while they define the their multiple other projects.
Feasibility studies for Korbel will be commencing around the end of the year.
Nova Minerals is going to be extremely exciting for years to come. They’ll be unlocking further targets while on the fasttrack to production for Korbel.
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