I’m not a nice person. I’m a kind person. I realized yesterday that there is truly a difference. Nice people are only nice because they are afraid of people in a lot of ways. They overwork themselves emotionally to compensate for whatever insecurities they have and don’t want
People to be mad at them because they are in a lot of ways emotionally fragile. I couldn’t understand why I would always get screwed over because I’m “nice.” But now I understand that there’s truly a difference. If you don’t believe me, read this article: https://medium.com/achology/stop-being-nice-97a710f8998e
It changed my life and made me see that being nice wasn’t honestly the right goal or action for myself. Being KIND and operating from a KIND place is genuine but it also helps you to be realistic with yourself and hold YOURSELF accountable for what you allow.
It helps you to also understand that you are important too, and you can’t be overstepping your own boundaries or even worse, not having any! I hope this article I saw helped someone like it helped me with my perspective. I no longer aspire to be NICE, but kind.
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