We was walking from the hallway to go to our classes and I seen my ex(he was abusive) so he came up to me when emauri left and start talking to me and it went like
x:hey baby
m:my name is mia but hey
x:so you fucking with that lame nigga again
m:no we just friends
x:that's what you always say
m:imma have to go now
and as soon as I turn around he came back and grabbed my hair and started hitting me and kicking me and I kept telling him to stop
m:stoppp please I didn't do anything
x:no bc yo hoe ass don't listen
and he ran and I was on the
ground crying a passed out and then I woke up in the hospital with my brothers and emauri and my mom so I was like
m:what happened
e:you was on the school floor you tell us what happened
Then I thought about it and started crying and my brothers said what's wrong
m:my ex
e:what he do
m:he hit me and dragged me*while crying*
my brothers:we gone beat his ass
e:me to dis nigga is not
so my brothers go and me and emauri sitting in the room together
m:emauri I have something to tell you I can't hold it in anymore
e:what is
m:I got feeling for you I been had feelings for you I just didn't know how to tell you since you had a gf
e:ma I got feelings for you to until I had a gf and all I could do was think about you
So we hugged and we just laying down and then it's the middle of the night
I hear someone come into the hospital room and its my ex and his girlfriend
m:emauri get up your gf here
So emauri get up and see my ex and his girlfriend holding hands
x:I thought you was here by yo self
m:what do you want anyways
x:I came here to tell you to die bitch
e:don't call her that nigga and you wtf you doing here
his gf:I...
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