For people saying Biden shouldn't contend in Florida, you are wrong. Bloomberg putting his money to work in Florida will help Biden combat the Trump disinformation network & puts us on even ground there. If Biden takes Florida, it's pretty much game over for Trump.
Hopefully Biden finds a way to focus on Puerto Ricans & Haitians in Florida. That will help run up the vote. And Bloomberg should also help with paying people's fines (it's a poll tax) so they can vote too.
Now Biden can freely focus on & puts his resources to work to shore up the White vote up here while Kamala Harris focuses on the Black, Latinx, & minority vote in the cities. Bloomberg just helped make it a three prong attack & apparently he's helping in Texas too.
And that's probably why the Bern is coming out & making noise like a bitch, because Biden going with Bloomberg is an essentially an "eff you" to Benie.
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