The CIA orchestrated the overthrow of Gaddafi in Libya by arming extremist militias. With Gaddafi dead, many militia members traveled to Syria/Iraq to join existing CIA-backed al Qaeda affiliats, thereby creating ISIS.
To rearm their mercenary militias, the CIA started a gun running op out of an annex near the US Embassy in #Benghazi. The weapons left the port, went to a CIA base in Turkey, then down into the hands of ISIS in Syria & Iraq.
#Benghazi was a nightmare debacle for the CIA & their partners in the US State Department that were trying to hide the gun running operation to Islamist militants in #Syria. As Sec. State, Hillary Clinton helped to try and cover up what really happened.
Donald Trump supports the CIA and their regime change ops all over the world. He is so deep with the CIA that he made the CIA director his own Sec. State. So when Trumpers try to make #Benghazi all about Hillary, I'm stunned by their ignorance. Trump is just as bad as her.
The CIA annex in #Benghazi included contractors from Blackwater (aka US Mercenaries). Islamist militias thought the guns were at the Embassy, so they attacked it to get the weapons. Ambassador Chris Stevens was killed, as well as 3 CIA mercenaries in the process.
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