this is much more systematic than petty corruption. this is #StateCapture by the same handful of corporations responsible for the previous summer's bushfire catastrophe,
and all those to come
this isnt even a jobs vs environment fight, as dull as that would be. the gas industry employs a tiny handful of people. it's a "no jobs and a dead planet" pitch
labor is swamped in gas industry cash and still traumatised by the last time it tried to take on the fossil sector. that's what distinguishes this from ordinary corruption and crosses the line into #StateCapture
so are we screwed? no, the industry is. that's why it's leaching on government so hard. renewables are now cheaper than fossil, so the only way coal and gas survives is through its ownership of major party empty men like morrison
so it's time to fight. wreck the facade. occupy. divest. disrupt. refuse compliance, refuse complicity. every tonne of this stuff we keep in the ground makes the future a slightly kinder place. the most important thing - extra hard in this stupid pandemic - is to not feel alone
the future generations we kept hearing about; they're here and they are done with this shit - see you on september 25 you utter legends 
ACF has been at this for longer than most: maybe you want to join an organisation with national reach and help them raise the volume 
#StateCapture demonstrates the hollowness of the two party system. why would you vote for it when this outrageously determined and good looking crew are in an fight right now 
a lot of the people at the sharp end of the fight against morrison's fracking-led recovery are farmers and regional communities who have led the most extraordinary campaign to lock the gate 
this fight isn't new. on this ground it's been going for 232 years. right here is how we can support the original rebels against extinction 
they want us to feel tired and defeated. fuck that. let's turn this into a rebellion-led recovery.
and @AusConservation wins the meme fight
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