To Shehnaazians :- Since yesterday many DM'd me saying that I portrayed Sana as 'Abla Naari' so lemme tell you some points briefly n clearly.

• My alterior motive was to focus on other points which y'all completely ignored. My thread had nearly 8 points n ++
You started making issues of that one single point which was never meant by me. I never used words like 'naive' for Sana n tbh, this word isn't an abuse either. I very humbly said that maybe coz shehnaaz don't come regularly over here , compared to Sidharth++
So the same way Sidharth didn't know much abt the scenario of things on Instagram initially , maybe Sana is also not much into FD wars n is concentrating on her proffesional n personal space more.
Moreover I never said that she is being 'Manipulated' or she is 'Naive'. I just meant to say she's not much into these Fandom things on Twitter much. She's more active on Instagram n snap chat as observed.
• What I felt wrong was People writing anti threads on other sides.... Completely turning the things , which the other FD wanted coz they weren't having apt answers to the other points n the focus of the thread completely drawed upon to a particular controversial point ++
Which was SPREAD OUTTA DIFFERENT INTERPRETATIONS & ASSUMPTIONS for the same. Firstly I never feel that Sid will manipulate her or she will get manipulated. I was there talking about MY OPINIONS ON HIS SM ACTIONS nothing more.+++
• I kept on clearing it again n again that I'm not saying shez manipulated , I'm saying something else but people still aren't able to make their minds open to it.
• Even if someone was having queries abt anything you could have DM'd me and asked rather than doing this shallow shading. We all may have different perceptions abt different things at times but we are connected by shehnaaz so plz if something like this happens again ++
Take initiative to clear with me out personally. I hope those who DM'd me regarding this got some chills now.
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