Observations. #345.
"Sabarimala 2.0?"😩

I support gay marriages (or any kinda marriage between consenting adults) & I really think the government should stay out of people's bedrooms.
OK, having gotten the notes out of the way, this may be controversial but will say it..
+ https://twitter.com/dharmicverangna/status/1305482905926479872
why is only the Hindu marriage act only being modified? Why not others? Actually, I take that back. In a SECULAR (that word!) nation why is the government being invited to interfere in the matters of faith (HINDU only)? Isn't this Sabrimala all over again?🥺
I am OK if the +
Hindu scriptures support same-sex marriages. Or even if the Hindu community approves it (& I am for approving it).
BUT why is GoI being pulled into Hindu issues???
This is called self-goal.
GoI should NOT interfere in Hindu matters. Don't let them develop these bad habits +

They NEED to be kept out. Don't set a bad precedence.

Again, I SUPPORT same-sex marriage.🙄

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