I encourage all Americans to familiarize themselves with not only ToS for their social media providers of choice, but also ISACs.

What they are, what they do, and how they cross various sectors of our economy & public policy. /1
These entities are one arrow in the quiver.


Peruse the handle @USCert_gov and take a look at just how much horseshoe is being laid to call into question the election results already simply on their thread. It boggles the mind. It needn’t. /2 https://twitter.com/dhsgov/status/1304436151600771077?s=21
Note the accounts- always hyper partisan caricatures. Always beating the drum of loss of public confidence in not merely DHS, but Fedgov writ-large. Always panicked. Always angry. Always paranoid. Infectious.

Many of these are not Americans tapping on the keyboard, folks. /3
Are you helping them? Are you another voice screaming to pull it down? Distrust it all?

The bad guys know what US CERT does, what USCYBERCOM does, and they really want to sever trust you have with quiet professionals trying mightily to ensure the integrity /4
of your election- on offense and defense. The adversaries across the oceans are dedicated to ensuring your daily internet experience encounters defeatist & angry noise, before it encounters good information. If it encounters good information at all. /5
I propose to deny, degrade, disrupt, deceive, or destroy their efforts. I propose the public assist the quiet pros making this happen. Start by not adding fuel/noise. Think before you tweet, and report suspected malicious activity if it violates ToS regarding the election. /6
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