In this thread I will explain how I found out who the final strawhat is (actual evidence) that made me completely rethink who it was from my previous thread. Buckle up! This might spoil you so be careful!
So I was revisiting old SBS questions, and I stumbled upon this question from 400 chapters ago that blew my fucking mind
For CONTEXT this was during the middle of MARINEFORD. In classic oda fashion, he ignored he was mindblown about the observation but didn't wanna go any further. Imo, if it WAS nikyu nikyu (kuma) then oda wouldn't have answered the question. So I went to dig further
I went to look for numbers in Japanese language and different ways to say them. I found out there WAS actually a pattern. It held true for EVERY fruit, down to the syllable. So I looked at 2 and 9, and I wrote down ALL the possible combinations for it.
Nikyu nikyu
Niku Niku
Niko Niko
Fukyu fukyu
Fuku Fuku
Fuko Fuko
Kyuni Kyuni
Kyufu Kyufu
Kuni Kuni
Kufu Kufu
Koni Koni
Kofu Kofu

ALL of these options have the 2 and 9 numbers in them. The only ones missing from strawhats.
So I went one by one investigating the fruit names. MOST of them are non-existent fruits. So I started eliminating. On my 7th search, LOOK. WHAT. I. FUCKING. FOUND.
I needed a minute to procces this. Everything SUDDENLY just made SO much sense. The pieces are literally all there. In hindsight it's so clear. Ever wondered why Robins fruit sprouts limbs but is called the "flower flower" fruit? Ever wondered why Kinemon has SUCH A USELESS FRUIT
Is it a FUCKING coincidence that the VERY FIRST CHARACTER that we hear about in the new world is the "Samurai on Punk Hazard"??? Is it a coincidence
Brook uses 1 sword
Zoro uses 3 swords

Now guess how many swords Kinemon uses? 🤔
Oda has also wanted to draw wano for VERY LONG. OFCOURSE we would have one join from there, AND hes ALREADY been with us for 350+ chapters! That's something the other candidates lack HEAVILY
In hindsight, think of it from oda's perspective when he got the question. You're finishing up marineford, you've just made the layout for the PH-Dressrosa saga, you JUST conceptualised Kinemon and created a random fruit for him to fit, and you get the question in the SBS.

The FINAL nail in the coffin for me was this specific scene from recent chapters. I literally went back and checked every single side character in the story and they NEVER gave this confirmation. The last SH set to do this now is Robin
I know a lot of these points sound stupid but this is how Oda operates. The warlords are all named on animals. Admirals have animal+color, the Yonko are the four symbols (red bird shanks, white tiger Whitebeard, BLUE DRAGON Kaido (whos literally a blue dragon), black turtle BB)
I highlighted how the numbers/fruits line up for those confused. The Devil fruits are:
GO-MU (Luffy) 5-6
HA-NA (Robin) 8-7
YO-MI (Brook) 4-3
HI-TO (Chopper) 1-10

The Banana is Kinemon's fruit syllables FU-KU.
+Also some stupid detail i found 😂: the 1st 2 fruits in order of joining have ASCENDING order
luffy 5->6
chopper 1->10

Next 2 are descending order
Robin 8->7
Brook 4->3
Naturally, the next one should restart the pattern and go ascending again to 2->9 and Kinemon's fruit does 🤣
My GOD the foreshadowing is all there. Kinemon was strongly stuck to a dragon (Kaido) and LUFFY pulled him out, freeing him, and THEN GETS STUCK ONTO LUFFY HIMSELF AFTER 🤯🤯🤯 GODAAAA I always wondered what that part was for but he was TEASING US!

This was just like Brook! Nami interjected in Brooks invitation, and Ussop interjected in Kinemon's!

also side note last panel is confirmation Kinemon knows Obs. Haki
Credit to @OPCrew_Oficial for finding this hidden detail! If you add up the DF numbers:

56(Gomu) + 87(Hana) + 43(Yomi) + 110 (Hito) + 29(Fuku) = 325 🤔 now if you read the numbers in Japanese: San-ni-Go 🤯 This also shows my "random" detail about it being 29 not 92 wasn't random
Ok Oda's just flexing now, in kinemons intro, Kinemon, a wano man (Japanese so oda) says to the SHs (from different islands so they are us, the readers) do they enjoy puzzles? Implying the strawhats (us) have to put together the puzzle of Kinemon 😭😭 rereading PH is SO funny now
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