Along the eastern edge of the #BobcatFire, there is an active fire pushing up & over the ridgeline near the northeastern corner of Spanish Canyon. As the fire begins to burn, it will back down the canyon in a slow-backing position, similar to what was seen in Canyon Park.
The fire is moving from the eastern ridge of Spanish Canyon and down into the canyon towards the helipad. The Incident Command Team has made the decision to bring in extra aircraft to combat the fire and lay fire retardant along dozer lines surrounding Spanish Canyon.
In addition to the aircraft, residents of Monrovia, @CityofDuarte and Bradbury will see an increase in smoke, flames and firefighting activities during this time.
Please know, the fire is beginning at a point high up the mountain but will be backing downward slowly and in a controlled manner. As we move into the evening, the fire will get closer to the foothill communities.

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