When you read about Morrison’s gas-fired economic recovery today, remember the following:
* gas is not a low-emission energy source, and is dirtier than coal when methane leakage is factored in;
* AEMO has a roadmap that shows we can replace gas with renewables by 2025…
* renewable energy projects create *more* jobs than a gas project would & and delivers the emission-reduction we need;
* gas-fired power will take years to build and bring online, by which time we could have built out a 100% renewables grid.
* this plan benefits gas producers...
* we already have plenty of gas, and we pay more for it domestically than we export it for. More gas isn’t the answer; it’s to stop letting gas producers screw over local markets.
In other words, we’re delaying our transition to a clean energy grid to serve the interests of gas companies. We doing it in a way that makes inefficient use of taxpayer funds, and we’re doing it instead of deploying our resources towards a goal that’s within reach in 5 years.
This is where you should see the National Party explode in fury on behalf of farmers. They won’t, because they don’t represent farmers any more, despite the R&M Williams outfits and Akubra hats. They’ll vote, again, for something that directly harms agriculture & our farmers.
Here’s the AEMO’s integration report from just a few months ago outlining quite clearly that we have enough gas-fired power to maintain stability & reliability of the energy grid as the % renewables increases towards 100%.

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