There's MUCH nuance to the #openaccess debate & #openaccess is so much more than being able to read journal articles, but at its most simple this is something else where the business case is incredibly compelling:
Imagine there’s a kid thousands of miles away who has the insight to come up with a cure for the cancer that has your name on it. And imagine that because the journal article that kid needs is behind a paywall, they never get to read it.
( @doctorow in The Internet's Ow Boy)
Of course there's more too it than that but that makes much of the "more" clear. The kid also needs access to the skills to use their insight, access to the time & freedom from fear to do the work, access to a platform where the idea will be heard. etc etc
And access to the internet and the hardware and software to use it, and the self-belief that comes from knowing their ideas *can* make a difference. And so on and so on. #openaccess is complex, & hard to achieve but utterly essential
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