OK to say I’m fucking horrified doesn’t even start. I feel ill. History repeating. Before it was known as the Nazi eugenics program. Over 400,000 people were mass is sterilized. It is partially why the gas chambers were created too. 1/ https://twitter.com/girlsreallyrule/status/1305593488856277000
More than 400,000 people were sterilized against their will. Another 300,000 were killed or as they said “eliminated” due to being “genetically deficient”. Those sterilized were those of color, had mental health disease,... 2/
They also targeted the physically disabled, deaf, blind, & homosexual. They had panels you had to appear in front of where they would deem that you were to be sterilized or eliminated. They even have camps they kept them in like the one’s here 3/
JFC!!!! We have Trump spewing fascism at every rally. Threatening to serve more than 2 terms... do not concede the race if he loses. We have concentration camps on the border. Now I have mass hysterectomies. This is fucking horrifying! 5/
I’ll add that I know we have to vote in record numbers..have a landslide victory...vote by hand marked ballots early or by absentee ballots...need poll workers. BUT there’s nothing fair about this election. The GOP is already cheating & will continue. 6/
You better believe Trump is listening to him. Stone helped him win in 2016. He was the WikiLeaks link. Trump had him cleared of those charges in court... so Stone could help with this election. It’s going to get worse before it gets better. 8)
We will have to protest in record numbers...peacefully. Without reform, police brutality, excessive force, lawlessness & shootings will only worsen. We must fight like hell to win this election but realize that might not fix this. 9)
Everybody says this won’t happen in a democracy. But everyone needs to realize democracy is dying. Fascism & authoritarianism are here. Pay attention to the news. The GOP threw out the rulebook a while ago. Stay strong, resist & vote like crazy & be prepared
I felt the need to add this 3 tweet thread with a valid point. The Nazis based their eugenics system on our archaic program that was here in the US. Like many horrors, we get complacent & normalize atrocities. WE CAN’T NORMALIZE THESE AGAIN! https://twitter.com/alexandraerin/status/1305613200994512896
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