Okay everyone. @renew_economy let me get mad about Australia's great big new push into building big new fossil fuel infrastructure.

Specifically, the threat to build a gas-fired power is *really* weird, very suspicious and deeply embarrassing.


Liddell is a huge coal-fired power station in New South Wales that's set to retire in 2023 ish.

Angus Taylor ran hard with a push to force AGL to keep it open, and ran into a brick wall.

As I write in @renew_economy, these moments, when coal plants shut down, are flash-points. They shine an ultra-bright torch on something we're good at ignoring: it's better to replace these things *before* they shut down, than afterwards. But we need to *decide*, and plan.
Back in 2017, @UTSISF modelled a range of options for Liddell.

- Keep it open
- Replace it with gas, renewables and batteries
- Replace it with zero emissions only.

Guess which option was cheapest?

You know what's changed since then? Renewables have become even cheaper, and work to upgrade interconnection has already begun.

That means even *with* Liddell's retirement, the reliability standard won't be breached, because there's so much new clean tech coming on
So......hang on. Angus Taylor's thing says that failing to replace Liddell will lead to wild increases in electricity prices. But AEMO's forward-looking planning report says nothing beyond what's already being built / planned is needed??
So who is this taskforce? Where's there modelling? What are the assumptions? Why doesn't it match up with the grid operator? When was the modelling done? Who did they consult? Are there any vested interests?

Most importantly: why aren't more people asking these questions?
So far:

- NSW DEFINITELY doesn't need a new gas-fired power station

- It doesn't even *really* need any new renewables or dispatchable capacity before 2023 (2039 if you use the old standard...I won't get into it)

- The modelling is secret?
And then, in that sea of weirdness, Angus Taylor promises to Shirtfront The Energy Industry if they fail to meet a 1,000 MW target of new dispatchable capacity that - as @simonahac points out - is *NOT NEEDED* to meet reliability targets??? https://twitter.com/simonahac/status/1305513487322345472
Additional reading - the legendary @RichieMerzian


Will add more when I wake up (from not being asleep because I'm bloody fuming)
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