Nevada officials are hosting the first of eight listening sessions on climate change this afternoon. There are already 90+ people in the virtual meeting. 👇
. @BitterWaterBlue stresses need for "democratized energy" (more distributed energy, production near the consumer, choice) rather than leaving existing systems in place and "substituting inputs."
A senior vice president for NV Energy says the "utility is well on its way" to meet a 50% renewable portfolio standard. But to meet a 100% standard, there is a need for a) more transmission and b) more collaboration on using federal land.
One takeaway so far: Big issue around siting renewables on #publicland. Jaina Moan from @Nature_Nevada stresses need for "smart from the start" approach prioritizing development in low-impact areas. Not doing so could have a "disastrous effect on Nevada's lands and its wildlife"
"It's day 28 and this cannot be the new normal," says Jennifer Cantley, an organizer for Moms Clean Air Force, drawing connection between smoke from wildfires and the need for more action on climate change.
A representative for IBEW Local 1245, which represents NV Energy workers, says "we love renewable energy" and sees opportunity for Nevada to export more renewables across the West. But offers a caution against build-outs that shift costs to consumers.
Lobbyist for Southern Nevada homebuilders says group is ready to work with policymakers on meeting stated goals of net-zero emissions, says it is going to "take buy-in and sacrifice from everybody."
Christi Cabrera, with @NVconservation, says state needs to "move away from fossil fuel as quickly as possible," noting the state's reliance on exported natural gas, despite potential for in-state renewable development.
"Climate catastrophe is already here and it's affecting the livelihoods of communities that are least responsible for it," says Itzel Rios with @Chispa_NV, calling for more solar access. Says "sustainability that was built within the system of racial capitalism" needs to change.
Washoe County Planning and Building Director says there should be more collaboration with local government and more work around deregulating the market, says developers often mention how costly it is to leave NV Energy service.
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