Thread judging royal trains (trains for royalty, not trains that are themselves royalty)

First train, Moroccan royal train which is 4 Budd SPV 2000's in Moroccan colors. Very cool, self propelled allows royalty to visit many subjects quickly.
Victorian Railways royal train. Out of service since 1988. Looks kind of icky, worse than the Chattanooga Choo Choo hotel cars. The queen rode in this???? I wouldn't
Austria-Hungary, disused since Franz Joseph I. Very quaint, has a pleasant energy. Like a large mall train.
Belgium - the Belgian royal family uses a converted first class SNCB coach with armchairs. Very effective and comfortable. Perfect for the minor royalty of a small western European country.
Canada - last royal train was a 4-6-4 Hudson specially painted and trimmed. King George VI liked it so much he let Canadian Pacific call it "Royal Hudson". Looks very clean and crisp, lovely trim, I would ride it if I were royalty.
Denmark - the current royal train is a coach given to Queen Margrethe II on her 60th birthday in 2000. It gets hauled behind a regular train. I can't find pictures of it.

What are you hiding Margrethe??? I can only assume the worst now.
Ethiopia - the last royal train consisted of "two locomotives, a baggage car with a diesel generator, four imperial carriages, two 1st class salon-sleeper cars, and two 2nd passenger cars. Now that's a proper royal train, I'd ride with the emperor.
Germany - Kaiser Wilhelm had some real ornate shit, absolutely decadent, gaudy, absurd.

There's no royal German train anymore. Angela Merkel probably has a 10% discount code for coach travel on Deutsche bahn
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