Over the course of several years, in a country of 330 million, you are able to cite precisely two cases of an innocent person being shot by cops. You actually missed a few examples but even so, what are the statistical chances of an innocent person dying by cop? .000001% or so? https://twitter.com/AschenputelSno2/status/1305581554177994752
Two cases in three years among 330 million people = THE ONLY WAY TO NOT DIE FROM POLICE IS TO ALREADY BE DEAD

This is pure hysteria, folks. Mindless hysteria. No basis in fact whatsoever.
Botham Jean's killer went to jail. Taylor was hit in cross fire when her boyfriend shot at police. Atatiana Jefferson in Georgia is the most egregious case in recent memory, next to Daniel Shaver. Jefferson's killer is charged with murder. Shaver's is not. Shaver is white.
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