I really want to see more juniors and more younger (in experience, not real age) folk talk about their industry experience

I feel like far too often I am seeing seniors, leads, and directors dish out their hot takes on how students should get into the industry.
Yes these people have very valuable experience that should be listened to, and a lot of them may even dabble in recruitment (and give great mentorships). However they have this experience from having entered the industry 5, 10 or more years ago when getting in was so different.
Back when I was a student I had tons of great advice from veterans, but the most practical advice I got was from juniors who'd only been in the industry for a year or two and could more easily relate to my struggles.
This isn't meant to diss on seniors, there are a lot of great folk out there.

When I'm telling you about the frustration of "need more experience" you might genuinely share my frustration,

but it's been pretty long since you heard that when getting neglected for a junior role
I want to end this thread on a positive note so please if you've got this far and know any juniors (under 2 or so years) in the industry then tag them (with consent) below because I wanna follow all of them, and I would love to hear how they got into the industry :)
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