1/10 First law of thermodynamics:
energy can't be created or destroyed,it's always transfered in a closed system (like our Universe).
2/10 we put energy into everything we do, therefore energy = work done. there aren't any free meals
3/10 any work done is proof of energy used,or transferred. building a home ,a home represents someone's time and energy used to build it.
4/10 we are usually paid for the work we do , for the energy and time you had used
5/10 therefore money you receive should represent similar value of your energy.
6/10 unfortunately , fiat currency such as USD and any other fiat currency (Euro, LBP etc) uses nearly 0 energy to be produced
7/10 gold for example, takes a lot of energy and time to be mined and smelted into bullion or jewlery making it great type of money.
8/10 accepting fiat currency effectively is accepting an exchange for your work with worthless paper.
9/10 anyone with access to money printer is literally stealing your time and energy,thus your life
10/10 solution? accept hard money. start using #bitcoin #lebanon
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