I have heard many say that never in their lives have they experienced such fear, that the America they know might be gone for good. Here’s why I have hoped with my head high and my eyes focused ahead. /1 #MondayMotivation #50DaysLeft
When I was just 5 years old, soldiers marched up to our home in Los Angeles and ordered us out. We had done nothing wrong, our crime was looking like the people who had bombed Pearl Harbor. The laws and the Constitution failed to protect us. /2
No one dared stand up for us then. Politicians on both sides, from FDR in the White House to Earl Warren in Sacramento, took advantage of the fear and racism for their own political gain. We lost our home. Our friends lost businesses. We all lost our freedom. /3
I remember reciting the Pledge of Allegiance from a makeshift classroom inside the barbed wire fence of an internment camp. Most of us spoke English because we were born in America and were U.S. citizens. But that didn’t matter. America had forgotten its promises. /4
After we were out, many of us, including myself, dedicated our lives to ensuring that something like this would never happen again inside of America. We knew how fragile our freedoms and liberties really were. We knew we had to safeguard them. /5
Today, I have no doubt that if something similar happened to one group of people, there would be massive protests and an upswell of support. From this I understand thatwWe have learned much as a country. But it’s also very easy for us to forget, to be misled, to diminish. /6
It takes hard work to keep our Republic and our democracy strong. Every time we stand up against the forces of fascism, for the rule of law, for decency and humanity, we strike a blow against tyranny and evil. The fight is what keeps us vigilant and strong. /7
We have not faced such an existential threat to our system since I was a child. And so once again, we must stand and meet it. When we do, we will emerge stronger, and the lessons will be felt in our bones for future generations to heed and appreciate. /8
This is why I remain motivated, why I do not despair, why I know that while we have been here before, we can overcome it. We must summon enough strength and win the hearts of all good Americans. In 50 days, we can and will prevail. /9
I am 83 years old, but I am also that 5 year old, looking out at a dusty American flag and reciting those words, “With liberty and justice for all.” Only now, I know their true meaning after a lifetime of fighting for them. So fight with me. Stand up. Vote. /end
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