“We will stop the radical indoctrination of our students & restore patriotic education to our schools." – President Trump

Okay, so here comes some hard truth. I know I will catch flack from many people & will probably lose a shitload of followers (1/11)
but anyone who knows me knows I have no filter & I say what’s on my mind.

So here are my thoughts on the “radical indoctrination” issue:

(1) Globalists have known for decades that the media & school system had to be controlled to be able to destroy American sovereignty. (2/11)
(2) When powerful unions took control of the direction of education & President Carter created the DOE in 1979, the handwriting was on the wall.

(3) At the same time parents got caught up in the rat-race of Corporate America, while materialism & “feminism” pushed families(3/11)
to make decisions about raising children that negatively impacted American society for years to come.

(4) Parents stopped paying attention to what the greatest generation taught them & listened to books on parenting, like those from Dr. Benjamin Spock - Mr. less discipline(4/11)
more self-esteem.

(5) Focusing less on the golden rule, on respect for others, integrity & honor, children started being raised in a celebrity culture, where civic leaders, LEOs & military heroes were replaced by pro athletes & entertainers.

(6) Over time, parents became (5/11)
less focused on what their children were being taught & more concerned about how their children were being treated.

(7) School curriculum took less priority than whether their children were being treated fairly & equally, whether they were being rewarded for participating(6/11)
(rather than for competing & winning.

(8) Helicopter parenting & lawnmower parenting became legitimate concepts.

(9) Children were being thrust into situations they could no longer cope with – they’d been provided no experience in handling adversity or rejection; a sense (7/11)
of entitlement followed.

(10) All the while, schools were hiring liberal minded teachers in volume & introducing curriculum that supported all the new social justice ideas & eliminated concepts of American pride & sovereignty. Students were taught to feel guilty for things(8/11)
they should take pride in.

(11) Many (NOT ALL) parents were all too willing to stay out of school “business” & did not immerse themselves in their children’s education. That was left to the “educators”.

(12) Simultaneously, society was bombarded with new technologies, (9/11)
sources of information, social media & “smart” devices that, in reality, made us less informed, less social & less smart.

(13) Now we’re facing the impacts of what we’ve allowed, intentionally or not, to take place over the past 60 years. It's not going to be easily (10/11)
corrected, but it’s a series of battles we must face & win if we want to win the war & take our nation back.

Thankfully, we've the opportunity of our lifetime, under leadership of @realDonaldTrump, to put #AmericaFirst in every way, including in our children's education!(11/11)
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