Funny story: Someone was trying to forex scam people in a game I play. They wanted people to download whatsup, telegram, etc to "discuss the details in training them to trade in forex and earn money l, but they have to pay him for it".

So I went on an adventure:

So first issue was getting him to communicate in a way that would cause an opsec failure. Thus I return to the ancient technology known as emails 😉. I convince him that I dont understand technology and can only email, he gives me his email I write him and wait...

Here is the email exchange, I get him to reply back which then let's google pull what his name is that is linked with that email account. So now I have his name but where can I go from here? Let's checkout his profile photo and then compare that with social media...

Im sure by now your asking well how did I know you check social media? Well I put that email into a few of the online looking services and for free found out it was linked with a social media account.

So I went digging first I checked Facebook, I couldn't find a direct hit with that photo. So I moved onto Instagram...

Only 5 accounts into the list and I strike paydirt. That's the same exact photo from the email hmmmm....

Now returning to Google with the insight I now gained i have social media handle to look for. I wonder if there is anymore accounts associated with this username? And thus I found his Twitter.

Thus far I have this.
His name: Daniel Munachi
Location: Lagos, Nigeria
Potential Birth Month and Day: October 27th
Social media handles: muna__ex, munasmastery, munas.mastery
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +2349090711278

From here I hit a brick wall I couldn't figure out much more to pivot on to gather additional data. So I confronted him (sadly no screenshots it was in global chat in game which scrolled away this AM). I backup the profiles with @waybackmachine and call it a success.

Way back machine links:*/

Im hoping with what I said to him in game and how direct my responses were regarding his actions that it either caused him to feel guilt or fear. Hopefully to divert him from future crime.

As for myself I learned not only do these scams target people on social media, phones calls and texts but also in video games. That my InfoSec knowledge can help be used as a shield for those even in games and that a single opsec failure while doing crime can nail you.

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