So that Community episode with blackface..... (CW // picture of the blackface)
A lot of people try to defend it by saying that it was making fun of cosplayers and that it’s ok cuz it was portrayed as bad’s still blackface. In the episode, the characters r all playing Dungeons and Dragons. Chang comes dressed as his D&D character who is a dark elf.
His dark elf costume includes him covered in all black paint and a white wig (pictured below). All the characters r turned off by this and Shirley calls it a hate crime. Chang is the first one to die in the game, presumably because of the blackface. As far as I know, there hasn’t
been any apology from Dan Harmon (the creator of the show) or anyone who wrote the episode. Although, Ken Jeong (the actor who did the blackface) has made a personal apology. The fact that Netflix took the episode off of their platform doesn’t make everything ok. What they’re
really doing is trying to sweep it under the rug. What Harmon needs to do is acknowledge that what he did is wrong. I haven’t personally seen the whole episode, but I’ve seen some people say that story wise it’s one of the best Community episodes because of the light it shines on
mental health and depression.
Anyway, that’s my little rant on that whole thing, I just thought I should say smth about it. End thread.
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