1. Here is a photo of the female LASD Deputy after she was ambushed along with her partner while sitting in their patrol car. 1 bullet broke her jaw. Her partner was shot twice in the head. She was able to radio for help & even apply a tourniquet to her partner’s wounds.
2. Nothing from California politicians ( @SpeakerPelosi, @KamalaHarris, et al) denouncing this attack. I won’t tell you how to feel about this. If you’re too fucking stupid to see that there is a war on police in this country, & you would try to explain or justify this
3. You are part of the problem. I will always defend this noble profession called “police work,” & the WARRIORS who choose to lay their lives on the line, even for those who hate them.

Until the day God calls me home.

#WarOnPolice #BackTheBlue #BlueLivesMatter 💙🖤
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