Creation of an ‘Australian Gas Hub’ is eerily familiar to what Covid-19 Commission adviser, Saudi Aramco Board Member Andrew Liveris wants by importing the US gas boom (and bust) approach

Andrew 'tingles with pride' over Trump Liveris #auspol
“Unlocking five key gas basins” will be disastrous for Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions

Just two biggest Basins, along with existing pipeline of 22 major gas projects would almost equal Australia's total gas production

See @TheAusInstitute report
Call for new gas pipelines, what Nev Power and Liveris were proposing in the Covid Commision.

But according to head of gas pipeline company APA:

“It is a throwaway thing to say we need more pipelines....The lack of pipelines is not the constraint.”
Gas the job creator?

Not if you actually want to effectively create jobs.
It employs 0.2% of workforce.

Its the worst sector to invest in for job-creation cause its so capital intensive

See @TheAusInstitute @Tom_Swann @MarkOgge report
AGL announced closure in 2017 with plan to replace with cleaner power generation

Doubtful as always, gov requested @AEMO_Media investigate.

Result - "AGL’s plan would deliver sufficient dispatchable resources to fill the identified 850 MW resource gap"
Overnight BP's influential energy outlook came out

Gas outlook does not pay a transitional role under a net-zero by 2050 approach to climate change and only goes up if you ignore taking climate action.

HT @ntsafos
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