Mr.O'toole when you state you're pro-choice but agree to allow conservative members to reopen the abortion debate Canadians realize you're using this loophole to avoid personal accountability. When you state climate change is real but still support industries that
directly contribute to it Canadians realize you don't have the ability to understand simple scientific truths. When you state it must be a top priority to improve the relationship between the government and Indigenous communities but refuse to acknowledge
The United Nations
Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples including your view to pass a Freedom of Movement Act that will make it a criminal offence to block a railway, airport, port, or major road, or to block the entrance to a business or household
in a way that prevents people from lawfully entering or leaving. Indigenous Canadians realize your top priority is to extract resources and not to improve relations between the government and Indigenous people.
Your views on protecting statues have also clearly demonstrated & strengthened your intentions are as empty as your platform. A Prime Minister must have the ability to prioritize and listen to all Canadians needs over the needs of corporations. You're not ready to be a leader.
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