"if you're vegan with an eating disorder you can't recover because you're still restricting" - a post I actually just read on this hell site
Cannot believe I actually didn't recover from bulimia bc I don't eat chicken. You heard it here first fxlkx!!
Stopping being vegetarian/vegan is actually HARD on your body if someone DOES have an ED and is also vegan they actually should not quit the diet while recovering bc if you eat meat after not for a while you WILL get terribly sick which can.......set back your recovery
Also plenty of "junk foods" are/can be made vegan/vegetarian so like. Not eating steak doesn't mean one can't go all in on some brownies or something. Lol vegans don't just eat salad 3 meals a day.
I probably should have put some cash on this thread but like god damnit I had a HARD recovery with too many setbacks and I cannot STAND people tryna use weird ass gotchas to trivialize anyone's recovery
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