Hayee mein to thak gayi bhaisahab fd wars dekh ke. Jab Twitter pe aao kuch na kuch bawaal hua hota hi hai. Kabhi #SidNaaz ke like section ko lekar, Kabi unki gifts ko lekar, Kabhi neutral audience ka love express karta hua dekh kar, kabhi kisi 3rd person ke point of view ko lekar
I dont knw y does people don't stop all this shit, kuch logon ko gandh karna hi hota hai, it's nothing new but why are we giving engagement to them defending sid and sana even after one year of BB13, I don't think so they will ever change, so stop defending and giving engagement+
to them, they will never change their perception regarding another person and we all very well knw that. The fact will always remain fact. Koi ek ganda bolta hai hazaar log pohch jate hain uske comment section mein ya to usko samjane ke liye, ya to SidNaaz ko defence karne k liye
ya to us bande ko support karne k liye. just tell me one thing guys do we really need to defend #SidNaaz, aren't they capable of doing that? But they are not doing because they don't want to indulge in all these things because they know these people are not worth their time.
So why can't we do that? Itne pyaare pyaare log bi hai yaha pe par unke comment sections khali hote hai and haters ke comment section full evn if they are small handles or no followers. Im here since BB13 times and Im observing all things since then but never indulged in all dis.
Because I know mere kuch bi bolne se ghanta fark padne vala hai idhar kisiko, jinko samajna hai vo khud hi samaj jayenge jinko nai samajna unko laakh samja lo par kutte ki puch tedhi ki tedhi hi rahegi. The people I am following here are the most positive people +
And I followed them after long observation and they loves #SidNaaz immensely and even if they are solos they don't degrade the other one and I am confident about it and if I see someone doing negativity I stop following them. So I request everyone to do the same +
To tumhare tl pe negativity ayegi hi nai. I have seen here many positive people getting affected or leaving the twitter due to that and at the end we are loosing our fam. I know no one is gonna read this thread, because I don't have many followers +
But even if one person reads the tweet I will request them to retweet so that it reaches to people. And one more thing this is my POV, so please if you don't agree just ignore the post and move forward. Just remember, keechad mein patthar fekenge to vo keechad hum pe hi udega +
So be wise, use your words wisely, act wisely. Baki I want to say I love @sidharth_shukla and @ishehnaaz_gill alot, they are my jaans and best source of happiness right now. Whenever I think about them or see them, automatically smile appears on my face. #SidNaaz
They are magical and this magic is not gonna end sooner and I will loved and adore them till rest of my life and I always pray for their togetherness and happiness. Love you both loads @sidharth_shukla @ishehnaaz_gill #SidharthShukIa #ShehnaazGill #SidNaaz #SidNaazLovers
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