1) A vote for someone not on the ballot (Harambe, Mickey Mouse, etc.) is a wasted vote.
2) A Dem/Rep vote in a traditionally Dem/Rep state is a wasted vote. If you don't live in the 7 states that are likely to be close between R/D, if you vote against your state it's a wasted vote.
3) A 3rd party vote counts toward viability (campaign finance, ballot access, media access, debate access) for the next election cycle.
4) A 3rd party vote is the voice of the people’s discontent that sends a message to the Establishment.
5) Your vote is your VOICE, not a wager on a horse race.
6) The Dem/Rep Establishment doesn’t own your vote. No one owns your vote. No one is entitled to your vote. The candidates must earn your vote. If you vote for them anyway after they fail to meet your expectations; it's a wasted vote.
7) The “wasted vote” propaganda is bullying you into thinking that Dem/Rep opinions are more important than yours. They want you to either fall in line and amplify their own voice; or shut up so theirs can be heard louder.
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