Hearing on petition seeking marriage equality for LGBTQ persons begins before the Delhi High Court

SG Tushar Mehta opposes the petition by arguing that our culture and law doesn't recognise the concept of same-sex marriages

SG Tushar Mehta argues that the Hindu Marriage Act itself doesn't recognise same-sex marriages.

'As per law, marriage is only between a husband and a wife', he argues

Court: That might be the position of law, but we have to look at this petition from an open mind

'Changes are happening across the world', court says

Tushar Mehta argues that SC in Navtej Jauhar only decriminalises homosexuality, nothing more or less.

'This matter doesn't even deserve filing of an affidavit', he argues

Court to Petitioner: Why don't you go and register your marriage? If you are denied, then approach the court

Court directs the Petitioner to bring on record all those persons who are aggrieved by the non-registration of same-sex marriages on the next date of hearing

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