The Reptilian method of infiltrating a human
They only have one chance at this
Their probocysis rod enters through the retina into the brain then taking over their consciousness and also learning the victims characteristics. https://twitter.com/5DAlchemist/status/1305380979910074368
Shapeshifting Reptilians
Yes they do exist
They have infiltrated our corporate brands along with the Draco and through the cabal.
Look below the terra firma for their locations. Think D.U.M.B.S.
More articles on Probocysis / Droning
Great video on the history of the reptilians going underground and participating in human sacrifice and harvesting.
If you think the blood waterfall comes from a brine lake you are mistaken..
Thousands upon thousands of Vril reptilians live in geothermal caverns under the Ice sheet.
Of which I believe was babylonia..
Hidden alien tech lies beneath along with portals and Esoteric knowledge.
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