Thx all #Ethiopia|n friends for ur support! After interregation by immigration for some time, and later a 1,5 hr intense, interesting, and at times heated, ‘discussion’ on Ethiopian politics with NISS head at Bole, we found some common ground I belive, and parted as ‘brothers’.
Considering my earlier ‘encounters’ with #Ethiopia|n security officials during three decades of ‘on-the-ground’ research during war, conflict, and political turmoil, this experience was quite interesting and ‘cordial’.
NISS ‘advised’ me to cut my visit to #Addis short due to my own ‘safety’, hence I am on my way home. Am NOT deported, and will thus soon be back to #Ethiopia to continue my research on the extremely complex political transition the country is undergoing.
I believe, and hope, the #Ethiopia|n government will uphold #academicfreedom in the country and look forward to continue my longterm collaboration with #Mekelle #University and other universities and scholars across the country. Now, home to do some writing...
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