hiii, i'm still staying updated; i just no longer enjoy injecting doomsday material (dont @ me about my header LOL) into my brain at regular intervals. i think streaming jingoistic cop comms into my ears for weeks on end was a special kind of trauma & i need some time to take it.
for real though i've been thinking a lot about how a lot of the people the scanner called out were my friends. how immediately after airing their commands to gas all up and down State i'd receive 3 more texts saying "thanks for relaying someone could have died."
i'll keep my thoughts brief cause i don't like performing trauma but it's like... i, and we, have been doing this shit for years. walked past tanks in Ferguson. stormed the Appleton streets. blah blah blah, just another day in the life. or whatever.
what i'm trying to tell you is that organizing isn't romantic. it's not like any of us said, "oh, yessss, another opportunity to protest."

but MPD did. MPD was fucking ready to just bust their gaseous nuts over the city. and they DID. and i'll never, ever forgive them for that.
I will never apologize for hating the Madison Police Department, for hating any alderperson that values their actions, for hating our worthless mayor, because they cannot excuse the fact that MPD waged war against us.

and for what? some broken windows?
i'm riling myself up again so i'm cutting this shit short. all i know is that yesterday on a sidewalk a van slowed down a little too close to me and i nearly ran, and that doesn't even scratch the surface of the depths of Black pain that plague this sundown city.
and nothing will ever drain the depths of love i have for every resistor in it. solidarity forever
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